the ultimate fall prevention tips

Falls can be life-changing events as we age one of the best things we can do for ourselves is try to prevent them from happening.
Having a regular fitness program can give you better balance strength and reflexes to help prevent Falls from occurring.

What you can do to avoid falls?

There are many things we can do around our houses, such as:
Turn lights on earlier in the day, before dusk.
Remove obstacles and barriers in our paths to the bathroom and common areas.
Remove things, such as throw rugs, that can trip us up.
Know your path and have support rails if needed.

Most Falls occur at:

See all the statistics here.
Make sure you can get back up after you fall or get to a phone to contact someone for help.
Get into a sitting position instead of be in a sitting position.

Increasing your strength and consistency with which you exercise will improve your ability to get on and off the floor and improve your daily living.

Reach a Fitness Group
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